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Medialex Guidebooks

UK creative industries are among the most highly skilled in the world and yet they are often criticised for their shortcomings when it comes to Legal and Business Affairs. Written by leading media lawyers, our Medialex Guidebooks form an invaluable reference library of clear, concise, JARGON FREE 'know how' for teachers, students and media professionals employed within the creative sector

You’ll wonder how you managed without them!

Media Law & Practice for Writers in Film & TV
ISBN 1905394012

An invaluable reference work which covers all the agreements that writers, script editors, development executives, format originators, agents and researchers are likely to encounter ... More ...

Introduction to Media Law
ISBN 1905394004

There is much to learn when you enter the highly competitive world of film and television. This guidebook provides a basic yet thorough introduction to all aspects of media law as it applies to the production process ... More ...

Music Copyright in Film & TV
ISBN 1905394020

Music copyright is a complex area of media law, even the best can get it wrong! Written by a specialist music lawyer, this guidebook provides a step-by- step guide to the use of music in film and television... More ...

Media Contracts & Industry Agreements
ISBN 1905394039

Producers and Production Companies are becoming increasingly aware of the need to ensure that all key contracts are in place not only to protect their work but also to fully exploit it. This guidebook examines all the key production agreements... More ...

Setting Up & Managing a Production Company
ISBN 1905394047

Thinking of setting up your own Production Company? Without question, you have made a difficult career choice! This extremely useful handbook, written by a ‘lawyer turned producer’, charts the progression from start-up to thriving business!... More ...